Top 6 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Top 6 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone


Top 6 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone –

There are several real-time cell phone tracking apps in the market you can use to tracks your better half’s IM chats, Viber, Line, Snapchat, and more. Spy apps were initially designed to help parents keep track of what kids are doing with their phones, but have applications beyond that. You can use them to spy on anyone’s phone, including your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

Various free options exist in the market, so you can try to get a feel of how they work on your phone. However, if you want full functionality and access to more helpful spy services, you will probably need to spend money. Below are the top 6 apps to spy on your boyfriend:

1. JJSPY –

This is among the very best, powerful, and reliable cell phone tracking solutions available for free use. It is a leading real-time data spy app that parents can use to monitor their children and protect them from numerous internet hazards. You can download the app through this website, which is their official page.

With the JJSPY app, there is no need for rooting or for you to jailbreak, making it all the more effortless to operate the software. Some unique features that are likely to help you bust your cheating boyfriend in JJSPY include the live screen, which monitors the screen’s content, call logs, live cameras, and access to IM chats.

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2. mSpy –

mSpy is a high-quality and reliable phone monitoring app that can help you spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone without realizing it. Once you install mSpy on his phone, the app is invisible and unrecognizable from his end. You have unlimited access to textual inputs, calls, and even the camera. You can also find their GPS location through the features available in the app. Even more impressive is that this app comes in three subscription packages, each with unique features.

3. FoneMonitor –

This is another exclusive and useful spy app that you can use today to spy on your loved one. The mobile-friendly FoneMonitor app offers you the best spy solution to snoop over your boyfriend’s call recordings, call history, browser history, and multimedia files. It is the safest app to use and it works in both Android and iOS.

Just like mSpy, FoneMonitor offers advanced paid services through a variety of packages. It is a useful app that works professionally for suspicious girlfriends. With just a few steps, you can access the impeccable features that it offers, concerning seamless spy functions.

4. MobiStealth –

In the modern spyware market, MobiStealth is the ultimate phone monitoring software to choose from. When you install MobiStealth on his phone, you’ll be able to clear any doubts as the app records virtually all communication data. It operates in stealth mode and you will get 24/7 customer assistance from the support team.

Now coupled with StealthGenie, you can have access to whatever is happening where is. This feature allows you to tap into the phone’s surroundings via the camera, thus getting a glimpse of where they are. It also works across various platforms, including Blackberry, Android, and iPhone.

5. iKeyMonitor –

An iKeyMonitor spy app is a cross-platform software that helps you gather sensitive data from social handles, textual inputs, call logs, and more. It offers an easy process to access your guy’s screen, especially when you want to track what they are doing with the phone.

Some of the features you have access to when you install iKeyMonitor include tracking, recording, and monitoring whereabouts, call history and even social media accounts. You can also view keystroke and screenshot histories inside the phone, making it one of the best all-round spy apps you can use on your boyfriend’s phone.


The XNSPY spy app is a crucial tool in finding the secrets caved in your guy’s phone. With an easy installation process, this app conveniently works with both Android and IOS phones. You will have the chance to access their call logs, account data, and several other confidential details without their knowledge.

You can also retrieve every piece of data that your boyfriend has discarded in a bid to keep you in the dark. Advanced services offered by XNSPY, such as entry to media files, might cost real money, payable every month. The price is generally inexpensive, so most people can afford it.

Conclusion –

There are several other real-time and powerful cell phone tracking solutions that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.  Spy Bubble, SpyIC and Highster Mobile are just a few more names worth mentioning. Nonetheless, it is important to compare your smartphone’s capabilities with the apps’ requirements for optimal performance.

Check on the phone’s OS, RAM capabilities, technical efficiency to get a great experience. It would help if you also stuck to top-rated spy apps from credible, highly reputed developers.

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