Top 5 Benefits of using mSpy Mobile Monitoring Software

Top 5 Benefits of using mSpy Mobile Monitoring Software


Top 5 Benefits of using mSpy Mobile Monitoring Software –

mSpy is a leading brand of mobile and computer parental control monitoring software for all smartphones that allows users, especially parents, to monitor their child’s phone, and also keep a check on their activities.

How does mSpy work?

Three simple steps to guide you through the installation of mSpy:

1. Purchase the mSpy package –

According to your budget and specifications, select one of the mSpy subscription packages, and fill out the order application form. Complete the online transaction through given payment methods and check your email for the installation instructions.

2. Install mSpy and Setting it Up –

After reading the instructions, download the software, and install the monitoring software onto the targeted user’s phone. Please Note: Some premium features require rooting in the case of Android devices and jail breaking in the case of iOS devices.

3. Start Tracking –

After downloading, log in to mSpy control panel from your browser to start monitoring calls, text messages, GPS location, apps, etc. on the monitored device.

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What are the Top 5 Benefits of using mSpy Mobile Monitoring Software?

1. Identifying and tracking the exact location of the monitored device via GPS –

According to online mSpy Reviews, mSpy monitoring software allows the user to know the exact location of the targeted phone via the Global Positioning System (GPS). By signing up at, users can log-in to their account and track details of the tracked cell phone. The location of the smartphone will be reflected in the Google Map app, which can be zoomed in at any given time to get the exact position. The software also provides geo-fencing, which alerts you when the target device has entered a restricted location.

2. Monitoring the text messages –

The software is developed with an easy-to-use message recorder that helps the user track the messages sent and received by the compatible smartphone. Whenever a message is sent or received on the tracked cell phone, all the details are visible in the software even if the messages were deleted on the phone’s program.

3. Access to Photos, Videos, and other details –

Similarly, this app enables users to view all the photos, videos, and personal details such as logged in memos, scheduled events, and meetings from the targeted smartphone. The one tracking the device needs to log-in into their mSpy account and can view all the details after following the prompts on the user’s interface.

4. Access to Call History –

Information of calls received, missed, and made can be accessed through this monitoring app. With this mobile app, tracking someone you care for is much safer and easier.

5. Keyword monitoring –

The mSpy software also lets you track whether your kid is using specific words on his phone. mSpy gives you access to all social networking sites as well (Premium version), thus providing you with all the information you could possibly think of.

What are the cost plans of mSpy?

Like any other paid mobile tracking tool, the user needs to purchase any of the following plans to use this tool. Here’s a list of the plans offered by mSpy monitoring software:

  • mSpy Basic Package:

One Month Plan: $29.99 / Three Month Plan: $59.99 / Annual Plan: $99.99

  • mSpy Premium Package:

One Month Plan: $69.99 / Three Month Plan: $119.99 / Annual Plan: $199.99

  • mSpy Family Kit (Supports 3 smartphones or devices)

Six Month Plan: $359.97 / Annual Plan: $479.97

Furthermore, here’s a diagram explaining the pricing models for Android and iOS devices.

Conclusion –

mSpy is a subscription-based phone monitoring app, but users are still not fully satisfied with the provided services. Some drawbacks include compatibility of the software with the target device, late alerts, or the amount of time it requires to download and install the software, which is significantly long However, mSpy provides around the clock customer support and is there to help you with all your queries. Learn more about spy phone apps.

In the end, as mentioned above, mSpy benefits mostly with its robust features that help the user record all the activities on the target device. Accessing through the control panel, which has a user-friendly interface, is easy. An additional feature of Keylogger enables users to monitor every keystroke on the device. From purchase to the process of installation, this app provides a host of plans and payment options. There is no harm in trying the app as it ensures the safety of your loved ones.

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