Things To Keep in Mind While Preparing For Class 9 Maths Paper

Things To Keep in Mind While Preparing For Class 9 Maths Paper


Things To Keep in Mind While Preparing For Class 9 Maths Paper –

Exams have a very important role in your life. It is a stepping stone to your future. Scoring well in the exams is something that every student wants. Regardless of how well you perform during your school life, your academic excellence will be judged by how well you perform in your final exams.

Even though class 9 exams are not the board exams, they are the foundation for your higher classes. Every concept that you will be studying in your classes 10, 11 and 12 will begin in class 9. Since there is a lot of syllabus that must be covered in a short duration, it is important that you understand all the concepts and focus on your studies.

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When it comes to class 9 Maths paper, there are some tips and tricks for each chapter that will help you prepare well:

  1. Number System – In this chapter, you will be introduced to several new concepts where you will have to learn real numbers, their types, and rational/irrational numbers. Even though the topic is small, you might face problems because of it being a new concept. It is important that you learn the definitions for all the different types of numbers.
  2. Polynomials – This is among the easiest chapters. All you need to do is focus on the definitions and different types of polynomials, their degrees, and coefficients.
  3. Coordinate geometry – For this chapter, you only need to go through the Cartesian plane, its application, and the graph. Studying from your NCERT book will be enough.
  4. Linear Equations in Two Variables – This chapter includes the graphs and solutions of linear equations in two variables. It is important that you practice making equations and graphs. 
  5. Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry – This is a theoretical chapter that has some definitions, postulates, and axioms. You have to learn them along with their basic applications.
  6. Lines and Angles – For this chapter, you need to learn how to solve questions based on various theorems and angles.
  7. Triangles – This chapter covers the different types and properties of triangles. You can use practice tests for working on this chapter.
  8. Quadrilaterals – To prepare for this chapter, you need to study the different types of quadrilaterals along with their properties.
  9. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles –  For this chapter, you have to learn the theorems and formulas and their application for different types of parallelograms and triangles.
  10. Circles – This covers the different properties and theorems related to circles. You will have to practice to learn them.
  11. Construction – This practical chapter can be covered by practicing making different types of triangles and angles.
  12. Heron’s formula – This covers the formula as well as its application in finding the area of quadrilaterals and triangles.
  13. Surface Areas and Volume – For this chapter, you have to learn calculating the areas and volumes of cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, and spheres.
  14. Statistics – This is one of the easiest chapters where you have to learn data collection and its representation using different types of histograms and graphs. You also have to focus on mean, median, and mode.
  15. Probability – This is also an easy chapter. You need to focus on practicing well to perform better in this section.

So, these were some chapter-wise things to keep in mind while preparing for your Class 9 maths paper. Now, let’s move on to some more tips and strategies that will improve your result and performance in your exam:

  • The first thing that you have to do while preparing for your exam is to create a study plan or a timetable where you allot enough time for all the topics that were mentioned above. This will ensure that you are able to study all the chapters and finish them before the exam.
  • Select a comfortable study atmosphere. It is important that you avoid all distractions which means that you should keep your laptop and mobile away from your study room.
  • Divide the study material to study effectively. Always have a notepad near you to note down important points, formulae, and definitions. 
  • For your preparation, start with an easy topic that you are interested in. This will increase your concentration. 
  • If you start your preparation just a month before the exam, you won’t be able to score well. You have to study every day and pay attention to your class. 
  • Don’t ignore any chapter as all the topics are important. There are some topics that you can spend more time on depending on your strengths and weaknesses. But, you must have an understanding of all the concepts. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to your friends, seniors, or teachers. 
  • Use the NCERT book as your main source of information. Most questions in your exam will be directly from these books. You can easily get NCERT solutions for class 9 maths pdf online.
  • Once you feel like you are prepared, solve some samples and previous years’ question papers. When you do this, you will get an idea of how well you manage your time. You will also learn if there are any gaps in your knowledge and you can allot time to that topic accordingly. 
  • When it comes to Maths, practice is crucial. You have to practice as much as you can. It will help you understand the concept better. By solving more question papers, you will know how to manage time for each question which will help you a lot in your final Class 9 Maths paper.
  • Revision is important for your success. You have to revise the important questions, go through your notes, and spend some time recollecting and discussing formulae, equations, diagrams and equations as they are important for your exam.
  • Lastly, try finishing your syllabus at least a month before the exam. This way, you will have more than enough time for discussions and revisions. Don’t stress yourself, have regular workouts and a proper diet, and get enough sleep.

These tips will help ensure that your preparation goes according to your plan. By following these tips, you will be able to score well in your Class 9 Maths paper.

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