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Why Mobile SEO will play crucial role in 2019?

Why Mobile SEO will play crucial role in 2019?

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Let us find out what are the important factors that indicate Mobile SEO will play crucial role in 2019?

What is Mobile SEO?

The word “Mobile SEO” seems a little bit awkward, but yes it’s as important as traditional SEO formalities that we do for websites. Mobile seo is a type of search engine optimization technique, specially focused for visitors who enter the site via mobile devices or tablets or smartphones. Earlier, it did not make sense to devote time to optimize sites for users of smartphones and devices with small screens, since these kind of devices were very lesser compared to now. Also, nowadays, it has become impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone. Most of the people will start to panic even for a thought of “life without a mobile phone

At the same time, Google had decided to change the approach to indexing the mobile versions of sites and announced about this transition in 2018 as the mobile-first index update. In this article, we will tell you a step by step guide how to do mobile seo for your site in 2019.

What are the main aspects of Mobile SEO / Mobile Site Optimization?

The main features of mobile seo or mobile site optimization is how well the content on a page is organized, your website pages must be responsive and a correct fit for any kind of small screen also the download speed for your mobile version site must be more than 80%.You can check the mobile version speed of your site at Google PageSpeed Insights tool, when the mobile version of site does not lose anything from the usual, and at the same time does not become overloaded, while remaining easy to download at a slow Internet speed. It’s not always possible to achieve this, so before creating a mobile version of site it’s better to think once whether it’s possible to make the site user friendly, and if in doubt, try to leave extra functionality, leaving only the necessary scripts on site. The same should be remembered when creating applications for smartphones and tablets that replace a site visit, for example, your site may be a social networking site, e-commerce site or a blog or a website.

Why Mobile SEO is considered as very much important?

Mobile SEO is very much important because it helps you reach more customers in the right place at the right time and provide them what they were in search of. Mobile traffic has now crossed the mark that of a normal traffic from a desktop PC’s! Every day, more and more people are discovering the benefits of using a smartphone. And easily the things are done just using a smartphone instead of using PC.Our whole life is dependent on these devices, it is amazing to see how quickly we became glued to our smartphones. Many people call it an extension of themselves and something without which they cannot live. To attract these kind of people, we need to focus on mobile SEO strategy as well.

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What is the difference between Mobile SEO and Normal SEO?

There is a slight difference between Mobile SEO and Normal SEO strategy, but the goals are often similar. You want to reach your audience and convert it either to traffic or to income generating customers. In other words, the Normal SEO tactics also work for Mobile SEO, but in a slightly different way. Check out the three basic rules here:

  1. Website Performance / Speed
  2. User’s interest
  3. Content is king

In case of Normal SEO, you will often pay more attention to a wider range of  audience, when it comes to Mobile SEO it is more focused on local business.

What are google signals for Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO and its importance is very much clear as per announced by Google. Till the end of 2018, Google will give priority to mobile optimized websites. What does this mean? For the first time, Google will determine the ratings of a site based on the quality of the mobile version of the site instead of the Desktop version. The new Googlebot will scan mobile version of your site and check how it responds to the performance, responsive content, and also is the site user friendly. After everything is fine, you will get the best rating for your Mobile version of site. If you have any issues on your Mobile SEO, other sites will rank higher and your site. Even if you don’t focus on your mobile version of your site, you will still be ranked based on your mobile version site, so it’s time to take action and focus on Mobile SEO strategy for your website.

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