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6 Effective Facebook Ads Tips to improve Brand Conversions

6 Effective Facebook Ads Tips to improve Brand Conversions

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Following Facebook’s announcement about their chances on the News Feed Algorithm, businesses saw a decline in engagement and website traffic. No wonder some of them opted to diversify their social media approach.

However, Facebook’s more than two billion monthly active users is difficult to pass up. Thus, some businesses took advantage of Facebook Ads.

As pointed out on VoyMedia, a Facebook Ads agency, “While it’s becoming more challenging, there’s still no denying the vast opportunities presented by such a large user base. And with more creative Facebook Ads formats being introduced regularly, brands are given plenty of tools to help them stand out from the advertising noise.”

Here are 6 Effective Facebook Ads Tips to improve Brand Conversions:

Facebook Ads Conversions


1. Target the right people –

What’s cool about Facebook is that it has extensive targeting options. Thus, businesses and digital marketing professionals can create an ad to a hyper-targeted audience.

But here’s the catch: A hyper-targeted audience does not mean your conversion rate will go over the roof.

According to Ana Gotter, “Sometimes, creating hyper-niche audiences can actually make your audience too small, driving up your frequency for what’s really a pretty general campaign and limiting performance.”

Hence, you need to know your target audience first before you set your ad parameters.

If your ads are meant for “vegetarians” who like yoga (“yoga interest”) then do so. There’s no need for adding five more interests just because they make sense. Otherwise, your cost-per-click will skyrocket.

2. Use Appropriate Ad Types –

Facebook has a lot of ad types available, and it can be daunting. In relation to this, Jacob Baadsgaard said that “You don’t have to worry about every ad type in existence, only the one that will be of most benefit to your business.”

When choosing an Facebook ad type, always ask what your advertising goal is. Is it to generate site visits? To encourage Facebook users to buy your products? Or would you like them to visit your physical store?

Each goal has corresponding ad types that you can utilize. Thus, being aware of your campaign’s intention can help you choose a compelling and appropriate ad type. And by compelling, we mean an ad that inspires action.

Otherwise, your campaign will be unsuccessful and you will just bring your money down the drain.

3. Create a Compelling CTA –

Your Facebook ad’s call-to-action (CTA) can be the most important element on your ad. That’s because it convinces your audience to click, which then triggers a conversion.

But what makes a CTA compelling?

  • Must include an action word: While your ad copy and images can get your audience’s attention and explain what the ad is all about, your CTA is what will convince them to take action.
  • Must be on-point: You only have a couple of microseconds to make people understand what they need to do. So instead of going whimsical and cryptic, make your CTA on-point.
  • Must communicate the benefits: Unlike Google Ads which you can run using intent-specific keywords, you do not know people’s intent when they are on Facebook. Thus, your CTA should communicate the benefit or value they will get after clicking your ad.

4. Re-target Existing Audience –

Just because a user already made a purchase on your site does not mean you cannot target him again. In fact, it is better to run retargeting campaigns.

As Gotter pointed out, retargeting campaigns for people who already have some sort of connection with your business can result in high conversion rates and lower CPCs.

Nowadays, it is easier and cost-effective to run remarketing ads. Whether you are targeting people who already visited your site or bought something from you, the familiarity will make them more likely to compel with your ad.

To learn more about Facebook Remarketing, you might want to check out this guide from WordStream.

5. Use Facebook Bots –

You may have noticed that more and more businesses are utilizing chatbots on their Facebook Messenger. In fact, it is predicted that 80% of businesses will adopt the chatbot technology by 2020.

According to Varun Sharma, here are some benefits of using chatbots for your business:

  • Easy to build and maintain
  • Helps automate your customer service and marketing efforts
  • Helps you engage Facebook users effectively
  • Helps you keep a one-on-one conversation 24/7

Basically, having a chatbot allows you to stay in touch with your audience even while you are asleep. So, take advantage of chatbots and install it on your Facebook Page now, so you will not miss out on more advertising opportunities.

6. Optimize your Landing Page –

All of your advertising efforts on Facebook will lead to a landing page ‒ and they should.

According to Sherman Standberry, “Every person that clicks through to your ad wants to see a relevant offer that adds value. And you only have a few seconds to prove to them that you’re the right deal.”

This is where a well-optimized landing page comes in.

For one, your landing page is where the conversion happens. Second, consistent conversion can help lower your advertising spend.

Thus, you need to build a landing page that can keep your visitors’ attention, and encourage them to convert.

When done right, Facebook advertising can definitely have a positive impact on your brand. You can expand your reach, generate more leads, and increase your revenue. With the tips we have mentioned earlier, we hope that you apply it on your current digital marketing strategy, and see success from it.

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