Importance of Data Security For Your Smartphones

Importance of Data Security For Your Smartphones


Importance of Data Security For Your Smartphones –

Data security is the technology of protecting your data, it may be personal or work data. Everyone wants to live securely in day-to-day life for that we count on two terms i.e. either taking precautions or finding solutions to it. Like nowadays, we are taking all the possible precautions for our health to fight with covid, because we don’t have the exact solution for this.

During this internet world, another thing which we need to protect and which is equally important for all of us is Data.  It may be your personal data or work-related information, attackers don’t bother about that before thieving it. That is why data security is improving day by day. The companies use many technologies to protect their data, like their projects, ideas or it may be their employee’s details, etc. since it is their responsibility and this is something that relates to their reputation.

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Check out the importance of data security for your smartphones –


The necessity to protect your smartphones – 

But what about your personal data, where you keep it?  Now we all have our data in our pockets with the help of a device that we called phones or smartphones.  Nowadays we all use smartphones, not only just to call someone but also to click photos, sharing your thoughts(on social media), transferring your funds, booking tickets, etc. due to which our smartphones contain confidential information that you have to protect. Let’s take a look at what a tiny device in your palm contains:-

1. Financial Data –

We all prefer to go cashless. Even we see many promotional ads to provoke for using online banking which is one of the precautions we can take against covid. Also, we have UPI apps which of course made our money transitions very easy. Since these online money transactions are very easy to handle, we love them. But there is another side of the coin that should be taken care of. We can’t take these facilities for granted. Because attackers take advantage of this.

2. Multimedia Data –

Smartphones allow us to take photos and video recording. Also, we scan and save our documents through phones. Which is very important to be safe. Since if any culprit can misuse this.

3. Social Media Accounts –

In this digital world, we all connect with each other with social media accounts. It may be Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. These apps consist of our profile means people know us with a profile. If someone hacks these accounts may pass wrong information about you through this.

Data Science and Cyber Security –

Security of data exists due to hackers. It has always been a tom and jerry game between the security office and hackers. cyber security cells try to detect the way through attackers entering the data system. So for obvious reasons, many times the loopholes get detected after attack.  But this picture was changed by data science technologies. With the help of data science techniques it has become possible to identify upcoming types of attacks so prevention could be structured.

1. Detection And Prediction –

Data science techniques use all past and present information to predict future attacks. In addition machine learning algorithms are used to identify threats.

2. Use DevOps Cycle –

By maintaining a culture of collaboration, devops pipelines maintain constant feedback loop. This adds more security in system flow and data scientists are already used to this since they use algorithms it becomes easy to apply with data science.

3. Behavior Analytics –

This tool uses machine learning to detect potential cyber attacks like  user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).

4. Associate Rule Learning –

ARL shows relation between items between large data bases, this machine learning method. This is why the system updates every single change in data.

5. Data Recovery And Backup –

This provides keeping data backup and availability of recovery when needed.

What you can do in this ?

It is established that our phones are one of the most important properties we have to protect. So let’s see some practices by which we can protect our phones in a better manner.

1. Use fingerprint or recognition lock –

Even if you use a very critical password but still there is a chance that someone can guess it. This possibility decreases with fingerprint lock or face lock. By using this feature you can ensure that there are zero possibilities of coping with your password. And is very protective if you face any physical threats.

2. Use VPN –

VPN is ‘virtual private network’ is software that is present in your device to protect your data traveling from start to end. Due to this, your data is safer since it’s encrypted while traveling from server to server.

3. Data Encryption –

Usually, it is by default enabled in phones through VPN but if it’s not, then make sure you will do it.  Since this is how data is covered while traveling.

4. Set data removal capabilities –

It is a very great feature your phone has, and most useful when your phone is lost or got stolen. By using this you can remove data from your device.

Practices for protecting your data:-

  • Purchases your phone from an authorized dealer.
  • Don’t save all your usernames and passwords on a phone.
  • Back up data always.
  • Don’t connect with public networks.
  • Choose a high secure username password pattern.

Conclusion –

Technology is growing every day, the world moving digitally now and of course, this changed our way of living and working too. Everything we access is online, which also increases the need for data securities. Parallel hackers or attackers will change their way too.

And we have strict laws against cybersecurity crime. But what we need to do is take safe steps towards our phone. Because data security is a process, not a product, you can not do this in one time and need to walk along with it.

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