Is The Apple iPhone 8 Still Worth Investing In 2021?

Is The Apple iPhone 8 Still Worth Investing In 2021?


Is The Apple iPhone 8 Still Worth Investing In 2021?

Everyone has at least once in their life wanted to own an iPhone. This dream of theirs can be fulfilled in many ways. Whether it is a used or refurbished phone, what matters is the condition of the phone and if it’s still working smoothly. The refurbished phones come along with a one-year warranty too which makes them more desirable. Check these used iphone 8 which are not yet out of trend and are pretty affordable. Also know why investing in this model will be beneficial.

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iPhone 8 Details –

While the iPhone 12 has been in popular demand nowadays, the iPhone 8 has been in that same position. It was launched in 2017 and many features have been added to the newest model but the iPhone 8 still is capturing the eye of many. The iPhone 12 is surely in popular demand but the price that it is being offered is not what all can afford.

Let’s take a quick check on all the features of the iPhone 8 and then get back with reviewing if what is better.

The iPhone 8 was launched alongside the iPhone x so the features of both these phones matched. The performance level was insane and the camera quality had dramatically improved from the earlier iPhones. The battery life of this model was enough for one working day. The Apple 8 when launched was available at 45,000 rupees and now that the new models are launched it has decreased to a more affordable level. The refurbished and used models too are out in the market at a very low price.

Should one go for a used or a refurbished iPhone?

There are three types of categories available in the market in regards to smartphones. The first one is the original one which is new, then comes the refurbished and the second hand. One could say that refurbished and second-hand phones have a similarity as both of them are used. But what makes them different then? Well, refurbished phones are taken back to the company and it goes through a testing process again.

They are thoroughly checked for quality and functioning and repaired accordingly. After this process the device is clean and the newest software is updated. New accessories along with that phone are provided and who can forget the one-year warranty that comes along with it.

Second-hand devices on the other hand do not come with a year-long guarantee, the maximum warranty the vendor can offer is 3 months. This is because it does not go through the process of testing and is sold by the end-users on different sites. So buying a used second-hand phone doesn’t make sense as a refurbished phone comes along with security.

An individual should go online and search for refurbished devices rather than scrolling on eBay for phones without a warranty. Another disadvantage of buying a second-hand phone is that the data is not necessarily erased from the phone by the previous owner.

Where can one find used iPhone 8?

Check these used iPhone 8 which are offered by various online sites. The first stop which one can take when searching for a used iPhone is the apple store online. There are a fair 90 percent chances that one might find it there. The iPhone 8 refurbished has recently been unlocked and these are the details enlisted.


  • Originally Released in 2017
  • Model A1863
  • 4.7-inch retina
  • Talk time 14 hrs
  • 12-megapixel camera
  • A11 Bionic chip
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology
  • Digital zoom -5x
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Touch ID
  • Siri
  • Facetime HD camera

Certified Refurbished –

  1. The products are of quality and offered at great prices.
  2. The process of refurbishment was rigorous and the quality was restored. It comes along with Apple’s one-year warranty. And it is also covered with the 14 days return policy.
  3. Apple care can also be purchased along with the device.
  4. The supplies are limited

What can one expect in the box?

  • Ear pods with connector
  • Lightning to USB cable
  • USB power adaptor
  • Documentation

Design –

This device is the first-ever iPhone which is formed from glass and the glass is used on both the sides, front, and back. It also has a color-matched, aluminum band. The finish is done with space gray, gold, and silver finish. The glass used behind this phone makes it possible to do wireless charging. It is also water and dust-resistant.

Why can’t this phone be resisted?

This iPhone is featured with a more advanced camera. With deeper pixels, it also has some new color filters. The portrait mode on this phone is even better than the other models. The optical and the digital zoom is 10 times better. The digital zoom for the photos is 10x and for the videos is 6x.

The dual camera feature in this phone gives a more studio-like look to the photos that are taken. All the features and the design are recent and will not get old soon. The camera of this phone has similar standards to the new iPhone model.

Software used –

iOS is the most advanced and intuitive and secure feature used in iPhone. It is a giant step taken by the iPhone which helps to receive the most out of this device. What are the new things in iOS? Translations can be done with the help of Siri and one can pay their friends with the help of messages. It also helps to discover new music with the help of Apple music. Mind-blowing AR games and different apps are also available.

Conclusion –

Choosing a used phone for sticking to the budget is the best planning one can do. Why invest in something that one can’t afford. With the recent models being launched, the iPhone 8 is now available at lower prices. Used and refurbished devices are also available online on the original websites or other online applications if an individual is looking for newer models or even iPhone 8.

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