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How To Speed Up Your Laptop Performance?

How To Speed Up Your Laptop Performance?


How To Speed Up Your Laptop Performance?

Are you struggling with the laptop that is now working slower than a turtle? If yes, then this article is for you! A lot of times, people complain about how their laptops are slow and lack when it comes to working with it for long hours. This problem is common among the people using old laptops as well as the ones who have gotten new laptops and still face the issues. Many factors affect the overall speed of your laptop. Let’s go through all the primary reasons that can reduce the laptop speed along with the ways to fix it:

Unused applications and programs –

Like we tend to download several apps for our smartphones, thinking that we will make use of it one day, the same is the case with our laptop. Along with the ones we download, many applications come pre-installed on the laptop. These apps take up a lot of memory storage that is a major reason for slowing down your laptop. Anything not useful on your laptop should be uninstalled.

Be it games, editing applications, files and other unused programs. Find out these applications and programs that you are no longer using it, click on uninstall the program in the control panel to get rid of all such programs. On uninstalling apps, the system moves the files to trash and hence clean the trash to delete the files completely from your laptop.

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Bloatware and unwanted software –

If you are wondering why your new laptop has slowed down, then there chances that it is loaded with unwanted software, bloatware and crapware that comes preinstalled with other programs. These programs keep loading in the background, taking up much memory on your system. All these unwanted programs are an added load that can slow down any laptop. You can get rid of all these bloatware by using programs such as PCDecrapifier, which removes all such unwanted software.

Preloaded start-up programs –

Many programs open automatically and start running when you open software or any other program. These start-up programs can drain the memory of your laptop and can also reduce the speed of your system. You can view these start-up programs by going to the start-up tab in your task manager if you are using Windows.

For Macbook users, you can view the list of these programs in the system preferences panel. As now you get a list of the start-ups you can also decide which programs are of no use to use. There might be some programs that you use rarely or don’t use at all. Delete the programs not in use to reduce the start-up programs.

There is also an option of installing a tool that can help you with viewing the start-up programs and stopping it. You can search for the tool Autoruns for your Windows laptop that shows the processes and applications that run in the background. This tool also gives you the option of stopping the programs by clearing the checkbox that comes next to the program that you wish to stop. Autoruns is a free tool that is available for the advanced Windows.

Issues with your Operating System –

There are chances that your laptop is lagging because of the operating system. You can either update it or opt for its reinstallation. The process is quite easy and it also keeps all your important files if you select the option for the same in Recovery and Update tab in the Settings panel. But for being on a safer side, I would recommend you to take a backup of all your essential data on an external hard drive.

Less RAM on your laptop –

If you are using a laptop for years, then there is a chance that you might need to upgrade the RAM. As it is the form of memory that helps the system to store large files and games, it is essential to keep up with the upgraded memory. You need a minimum of 8GB RAM as the heavy files acquire much space and require more memory to load.

If you are using a laptop with 2GB RAM, then you already know the issue and hence this is the first thing you can fix to boost your laptop’s speed. There are many online videos and tutorials that can help you with finding the process of installing more memory and upgrading RAM.

Cookies and temporary downloaded files –

While we surf the internet on the laptop, many temporary files, cookies and web browsers caches take up space on your laptop. You can select the option of remove cookies or caches manually, but doing this on a daily basis can be a task. So for easing up the process of cleaning and get rid of all these unwanted data, you can install CCleaner- a tool that has been helping people for years. Download the application and run the cleaner to get a list of all the internet files that can slow the system.

Using HDD for heavy files and games –

People who like playing games and are loaded with many graphic files then they can swap their hard disk with Solid State Drive (SSD). Although you will get less memory on your laptop but adding an SSD will definitely increase your laptop’s speed. As SSD can function much faster when it comes to loading the programs and taking lesser memory, it is an ideal solution to get that beast speed. There are many affordable SSDs available in the market that you can install to speed up the laptop.

Concluding Remarks –

All these above-stated solutions work best for boosting the speed of your laptop. But to summarize here are the things you should keep in mind for keeping up the speed:

  • Always remove the unwanted data and files from your laptop once you are done, making use of it to free up the memory.
  • Make sure that you update the OS timely to keep up with speed.
  • Invest in a good SSD and add the external Hard disk to add memory.
  • The combination of upgraded RAM and SSD works well for the users who are using the old processors.

Make it a weekly task to clean your laptop and I am sure you will be impressed by your laptop’s speed. I hope this article helps you in solving the issues and speeding up your laptop.

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