Why SSL Certificates are important for higher SEO Rankings?

Why SSL Certificates are important for higher SEO Rankings?

What is SSL and Why Do I Need It?


SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol which helps in ensuring that the data is well encrypted and safe. Privacy of customer data, authentication of ownership, and data integrity are the three key things that SSL aims to achieve in Internet communications. To provide the required privacy of data, the data that is transmitted is in the form of encrypted information which cannot be understood by potential cybercriminals. The SSL handshake is used to achieve authentication and make sure that both parties are genuinely those who they claim to be. SSL is also used for data integrity by making sure that while the data is on the move, it not modified or tampered with. This is the kind of technology that is necessary for today’s day and age of increasing cybercrime. Hence the idea to buy SSL certificate is one that should be considered very seriously.

There are various types of SSL certificates available in the market. Each has its unique features. The different kinds of SSL certificate are mentioned below:

Types of SSL Certificates :

Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) –

Extended Validation Certificates are the highest in ranking and the costliest certificate of them all. Websites of companies with large budgets generally use them. Sites with Extended Validation certificates are easily visible as their address bar turns green with company’s name and is easy to spot. The address bar contains the name of the owner of the website to gain trust to users that it is an excellent site. A verification process is used to authorize the ownership of the websites.

Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL) –

Organization Validation SSL certificates are mainly used to encrypt sensitive information of a user during payments and transactions. This version too has a high trust assurance as was with the EV SSL certificate and is used to validate the credibility of a website and displays the website owner’s details in the certificate. This aids in distinguishing legitimate sites from the malicious ones. Pricewise OV SSL certificates are the second costliest in the market. Commercial websites or those with public attention should install an OV SSL certificate to ensure the confidentiality of the information and increase customer trust. A verification process is conducted by the certificate authority after verifying ownership rights of the company.

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Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL) –

Domain Validation SSL Certificate features a trust assurance, which is lower than the previous two variations. It is usually used for blogs or other information-oriented websites. The validation process, in this case, is minimal. The only thing that is asked of the owners is to respond to a phone or email call. This type of SSL certificate type is elementary to obtain and less costly. The address bar of the browser displays HTTPS along with a padlock, but the name of the business name is not included.

Wildcard SSL Certificate –

Wildcard SSL certificates are useful when the owner wishes to secure a domain along with its unlimited sub domains. It is a cost-effective option as it does away with the need to buy different certificates for each subdomain. A single certificate taken for like * can secure,, etc.


Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC) –

Multi-Domain certificates can provide security to about a hundred different domains and their subdomains using only a single certificate. This helps in saving time as well as money. For example, a single certificate can secure, mail.,, etc.

Google’s SSL Update –

Trust is the foundation of a relationship between a company and its customers. It is the key to retaining customers and spreading positive reviews to reel in new customers. Google has always been concerned with the safety of website data. Around five years ago, in 2014 this most popular search engine giant announced that it would at this moment consider website security as one of the parameters for page ranking in its search results. Hence hereafter, the websites which are not given a certification for being secure will be marked as unprotected, insecure, and might be ranked lower in the search results while the sites which are protected will be given higher preference.

Hence it is even more essential to invest in security and buy SSL certificates. A very small percent of the total number of websites on the internet redirect a user to a secure address by default; hence, these 1-2 million websites are ranked higher than other sites. Websites whose address in the address bar is preceded by https are secure websites and help maintain a trustworthy relationship with their customers. As soon as the customers notice the https, they become worry free as they know that the site is secure, and their data is not exposed to any risk.

SSL certification and customer trust go hand in hand. Most customers will avoid websites marked as insecure or unprotected or websites which don’t have an https as they wouldn’t want to take a risk with their data and devices. SSL websites load much quicker than non-SSL sites, and customers tend to leave a website if it doesn’t load within a stipulated time, fearing that something may be wrong or just out of impatience. HTTPS websites are a significant part of page one results in google search page. After 2014 Google’s new page ranking algorithm included HTTPS as a factor for SEO ranking.

Hence investing in SSL certificates for your website helps increase customer trust and ranks your page higher in the google search results. This, in turn, helps in increasing the visibility of the site and providing customers a safe platform where their data is encrypted and not subject to the potential threats that exist.

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