Top Reasons Why Do NBN Broadband Outages Happen?

Top Reasons Why Do NBN Broadband Outages Happen?


Top Reasons Why Do NBN Broadband Outages Happen?

Imagine you’re in the middle of a crucial online meeting, or an online exam. All is going well, aside from the occasional nerves, of course. But then all of a sudden, your internet goes out. Quite a nightmare, isn’t it? 

The amount of hassle and inconvenience is enough to make anyone feel frustrated. Be it for business, work, or personal use – we cannot deny that many people have become reliant on the internet. Talking to friends and family, attending work meetings, buying and paying for items, doing bank transactions, and many more. All of these can now be done online. 

However, as powerful as it may be, everything has limitations. When it comes to the internet, this limitation comes in the form of outages. Just as in any other part of the world, Australia isn’t immune to internet outages. The main question is- why do NBN broadband outages happen?  

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Check out what are top reasons why do NBN broadband outages happen as below:

Not being able to utilize what you paid for can feel quite upsetting. Not knowing why is even more distressing, so here are some of the most common possible causes of NBN broadband outages:

Weather Issues and Other Natural Causes –

Natural events are the most common causes of internet outages. Natural phenomena such as storms, fire, and powerful winds can all lead to internet connection loss. While online connectivity may work wirelessly, it still cannot work without physical equipment (e.g. signal poles and cables). These physical connections are susceptible to damage during disasters and calamities. Possible repairs may also take not just hours, but days.

Power Outage –

Power outages can be very inconvenient, especially if they last very long. Modems, home phones, and other tech gadgets that need constant electricity to work may be affected during power outages. This may render customers unable to use the internet. Other alternatives such as charged mobile phones with data connection may be helpful during these kinds of situations.

Congestion –

Everyone wants a smooth and seamless internet connection. However, this isn’t always the case. There are times when the video you’re watching buffers way too long, or the page you’ve just clicked won’t load at all. This doesn’t automatically mean that you’re experiencing an NBN broadband outage. This may happen when a lot of people are all simultaneously using the internet. This is called network congestion, which causes an inconsistent or spotty connection.

Poor Installation –

If you’re unable to connect to the internet, you may want to check if your connection has been properly installed.  While it is uncommon, there are times when things go wrong during the setup process. Cables may have been plugged incorrectly, or wirings may not have been properly secured. If you’re having problems checking, contacting your provider may help. They can give you the support you need or may connect you with their technicians.

Faulty Equipment and Out-of-Date Technology –

Malfunctioning equipment may be why you’re experiencing an internet outage. In cases like this, you may want to consult technicians or contact your service provider. Outdated technology may also cause internet outages. If your hardware hasn’t been updated in a while, it may be time to do so. Connectivity loss caused by out-of-date technology can be solved by replacing your hardware.

Conclusion –

NBN broadband outages may happen for several reasons but are commonly caused by:

  • weather issues and other nature-related causes
  • power outages
  • network congestion
  • poor installation
  • faulty equipment and out of date technology

Experiencing an NBN broadband outage can be stressful. While it may be uncommon, it’s still sadly inevitable. The good news is that there are many available ways to fix it and that there are many experienced people who are able and ready to help you.

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