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What are the Popular Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2019?

What are the Popular Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2019?



Every year, the marketing world is introduced with newer and more innovative marketing trends. The chief goal of the modern-day digital marketers is to improve the brand reputation by building brand loyalty and creating brand awareness. The landscapes of the digital marketing world are ever, changing, from the rise in blog marketing to the integration of social networking and media marketing. The current marketing sector is dominated by a couple of new trends. The job a digital marketer is to stay updated on the developing trends and to maximize the business benefits through their proper execution.

The digital marketing world is filled with tons of online and advanced marketing tools, tactics, and marketing trends that change almost every year. With that being, to stay ahead in the content marketing game and to keep your content relevant.

Check Out What are the Popular Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2019?

1. Artificial Intelligence:

From analyzing the search patterns and customer behavior to exploring and gathering data from blogs and social media posts, (AI) Artificial Intelligence is easing up numerous digital marketing processes. Where huge chunks of relevant data are of crucial importance for the markets, gathering it and making maximum use of it is a tedious task. However, with AI in perspective, effective data collection and proper usage and implementation no longer require human efforts and time.

Not only artificial intelligence makes the data collection process easy and simple, coupling it with the capabilities of machine learning helps in automated system learning and improvement.

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2. Niche Content:



Broadening your marketing prospects has always been one of the widely-practiced marketing approach and objective of many marketers. However, this year is all about specializing in a particular niche industry. Showcasing your expertise and command on a certain niche industry helps you in getting the attention of the relevant audience and potential business prospects. Having in-depth knowledge in a niche contributes to making your business a reputable brand in that industry.

Considering the extensive content production and publication, specializing in a particular niche and composing well-researched, creative, and unique content in that industry can help you to stand out in this content-saturated marketing world. Whether it requires to hire a Wikipedia page creation service or freelance writing agency, niche content provides you with multitudes of marketing advantages.

3. Personalization:

Data and content are the key elements required to introduce personalization. The better you know your targeted audience, the more personalized your content is. With that being gather as much data and information about your potential business prospects needs and demands as possible. This data helps in ensuring content personalization.

4. Voice Search:

Ever since the shift of the business world to the digital and mobile mediums, its paradigms have never stayed the same. Voice search is not a passing trend; it is here to stay for a long time. More than half of the internet searches are done through mobile devices, which makes voice search one of the latest and innovative marketing trend. The best way to maximize the benefits of voice search is to focus more on solving the issues and answering the customers’ questions than on keyword searches. Introducing a conversational tone in your content helps the readers and viewers to relate with the provided information and data. All credits to AI, it is expected that voice search will become one of the biggest trend and advancement in the marketing world.

5. Keep It Brief:

With a considerate decrease in the attention span of the modern-day audience, shorter content is gaining popularity in the digital marketing industry. Millennials are more inclined towards the visual content than to the written and textual one. Instead of using a lengthy paragraph, try to create bite-sized yet informative content. For adding a little visual appeal to it, you can use infographics and videos.

6. Videos:

Video is on the rise and for all the valid and obvious reasons. Where high-quality and interactive videos were on the rise last year, live videos will be the highlight of the year 2019. Rather than investing in traditional and conventional business videos you might want to shift your focus towards the live video.


2019 will surely be the year of change and innovation for digital marketers. With the rise of new technology and accessibility to it, the competition in the online business world is sure to get tougher, which is why you need to be on a lookout for new and recently developed trends. Success in the current marketing era is directly linked to how well you use and integrate the current trends in your marketing strategies and plans.

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