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How to do WhatsApp Marketing in 2020? – Definitive Guide

How to do WhatsApp Marketing in 2020?


Social media marketing usually points to tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. But one important medium that skips most of our minds is Whatsapp Marketing. In fact, messenger tools are quickly gaining prominence, when it comes to marketing via social media channels. And Whatsapp is a messaging application, which boasts around 1.5 billion active users around the world on a monthly basis.

So, yes, the scope of market penetration via Whatsapp is huge. But just like all other tools, you need to know the effective use of Whatsapp marketing software so that you can reap its maximum benefits. Below is a detailed Whatsapp marketing guide that shall help you get started in the right direction.

How to do WhatsApp Marketing in 2020 for your business?

The best part of Whatsapp is that it is free. You just need your internet connection and you can use the application to chat with your contacts, without having to spend a penny. Additionally, it also allows you to share files, images, and engage in zero-cost voice as well as video calls. Therefore, Whatsapp marketing messages is an ideal option in countries that have high SMS charges or nations which face network connectivity problems as all you need is a WiFi signal. 

You can install Whatsapp on your iPhone, Android, or Windows phones, or desktop, and then connect it to your phone number. After that, you can easily see the contact list on the app, since it imports all the Whatsapp enabled numbers automatically from your pre-existing directory. 

Now, you can use Whatsapp to share content in three primary ways one-to-one chat (where you can chat individually with people who already are using the application), broadcast lists, and groups. In the broadcast list option, when you send a message, it is delivered to everyone on that catalog who has your phone number. Replies will be sent only to you and users will see the text as a regular message option in email. And you must already know the groups option, which allows you to share messages with a maximum of up to 256 people in one go. As opposed to broadcast lists, here everybody can see and reply to your chats, videos, images, or files.

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The Scope of Whatsapp Marketing –

As we already mentioned, almost 1.5 billion people use Whatsapp globally, with over 60 billion messages sent out everyday. Again, businesses are now more willing to use mobile messaging and chats as mediums to promote their products and services. Even buyers currently are extra interested in purchasing items from establishments with whom they can engage in direct conversations via messaging. 

Additionally, the young and millennial generation of customers are more comfortable when it comes to using texting apps for their daily communication. Finally, Whatsapp, as a messaging tool, has an unbelievable engagement rate with users opening messages instantly, reading them, and sending replies.

So you can see why WhatsApp is one of the most ideal platforms to share content as compared to more public channels. 

Tips and tricks to use Whatsapp Marketing –

Whatsapp marketing comes with a lot of hidden potential especially since it does not have options to display ads and neither does it feature specialized functions related only to business. It is more of a personal tool. As a result, it is necessary that you are creative of you plan to use it as a tool to promote your products or services.

One of the vital factors to consider while using Whatsapp marketing is, you need to use it alongside other general messaging app marketing strategies. Again, you can connect only one phone number to your Whatsapp account and it can be used to message a maximum of up to 256 WhatsApp users at one go. So, it is a good choice for small and medium-sized ventures. It may not be the perfect option for large-scale companies that implement one-to-many marketing strategies.

The best aspect of Whatsapp marketing is that it gives a personalized experience to customers or prospective buyers. Therefore, your marketing campaigns should be designed to reflect this personal side, which needs a great deal of innovation.

Building a brand image –

When you start with your Whatsapp marketing campaign, the first factor you should consider is not to invade the privacy of your customers. But how do you ensure that? You have to create a personal connection. And the best way to do that is by building an attractive brand image so that your buyers instantly trust your products and are ready to buy your offered items or services. Fir example, if you wish to use Whatsapp for handling customer service, you must have a dedicated number for that very purpose. You can even go a step further and assign a name to this number for a more personal interaction. 

Creating a comprehensive phone directory in whatsapp –

Whatsapp cannot be used to send messages to users who are not connected with your phone number. So how do people agree to be added in your directory? You can maybe offer them something of value if they agree to join your contact list. Therefore, you need to be creative with your promotional campaigns so that you can gather more prospective buyers.

Offering a seamless customer service experience –

Since Whatsapp has such a simple user interface, you can use it to provide premium customer support to your buyers. Once you build a reliable, trustworthy relationship, you will be able to retain your clients in the long term. This step is a boon, especially for small enterprises, who do not have the luxury of investing on an all-inclusive help support desk system. 

Using Whatsapp’s Story feature and implementing 3rd-party WhatsApp marketing tools –

You can use Whatsapp’s Story option to share details about your latest products, offers, sales promotions, and special campaigns. You can also use the Whatsapp business app and integrating third-party apps to connect with mass customers. Even the multiple WhatsApp marketing software available in the market can send bulk messages and increase business reachability. 

Whatsapp may not contain a lot of features like Facebook Messenger when it comes to business marketing. But you can reap the unique benefits of the app you gain added advantage, especially by providing a more customized experience to customers.

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