Why to Pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science?

Why to Pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science?


When considering any significant decision, you have to weigh your options very carefully to ensure it is the right decision. The same idea should apply when considering a graduate degree. If you are thinking about a master’s degree in computer science, you want to make sure that it is the right decision.

You might want to think about the career options and benefits you get out of pursuing this degree. In this article, we will look at the main benefits of pursuing a master’s degree in computer science and the reasons why it is worth the effort.

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Check out top reasons why to pursue a master’s degree in computer science:

1. Become a Specialist –

If you would like to become a specialist in any tech field, pursuing a master’s degree with a focus on the areas you are interested in is a great option. Specializations like machine learning or artificial intelligence make you an expert and specialist in both fields once you graduate. Other specializations that you should consider include software engineering, robotics, database administration, data science, cybersecurity, and information security.

Also, by becoming a specialist in any of these areas, you open yourself up to higher-ranking and higher-paying jobs.

2. Work in Different Industries –

Earning a master’s in computer science gives you an even wider selection of jobs in the future. Computer, IT, and software development teams and specialists are in demand in almost all industries. Once you graduate, you will no longer be limited to one industry or type of job.

For example, you might apply for software development positions in the NFL if you love sports, or work with businesses to help them deal with the vast volume of data they collect when you apply to become a data scientist.

3. Higher Salary –

Although most roles in tech pay very highly, it is possible to earn a higher salary still. A master’s degree in computer science has been shown to earn holders over 28% more over their careers. Additionally, the pay increase that comes with a master’s degree in computer science has been shown to be higher than that which comes with holding a master’s degree in other areas.

The good news is that if you are looking for a higher salary when working in tech, you can earn your master’s degree online. Some top-paying jobs that you can get once you earn your online masters in computer science include software development engineering at a median salary of $114,500 and computer science with a median salary of $111, 400.

4. You Will Get a Return on Your Financial Investment Quickly –

Education is getting more expensive every year, and this is why it is important to think about the potential return on investment on a master’s degree. A significant number of people who have student loans, about 60%, pay their student loans well into their 40s. With the median salary of master’s in computer science holders being $100,000 a year, you should be able to pay off your student loans in about 3-5 years.

5. Stable Job Growth –

Apart from the higher salary and increased career options, job stability is a significant reason why you should pursue a master’s in computer science. Pursuing this degree means that you will be getting into a field that offers job stability, stable job growth, and one where you can find a job relatively easily if you were to lose your job.

Jobs in computer science and related fields are expected to grow by about 15% over the next decade. Some occupations within these fields are expected to grow even faster such as software development at 20% and computer systems analysis at 23%. This stability not only ensures you will find higher positions easily but that you will get more value out of your master’s degree for the foreseeable future.

6. Stand Out –

Reports show that the number of qualified applicants is far lower than the number of jobs available. Because of this, computer science degree holders can command even higher salaries and better benefits. However, because this is a widely-known fact, there are a lot more pursuing computer science degrees. When these individuals enter the market, your master’s degree will help you stand out and be considered for competitive, higher, and better-paying positions.

7. Prepare for a Doctorate –

A master’s in computer science is your first step in getting a doctorate. This is particularly important for those who would like to go into academia. Having a master’s degree will help you see if pursuing a doctorate is the right option for you and your career. If it is, your master’s degree will play a huge role in not only getting you into a great program but will also help you with your Ph.D. research when the time comes.

A masters’ degree is also important for those whose undergraduate major was not in computer science or related fields. A master’s degree equips you with the skills you need to pursue a doctorate when coming from a different background and makes it easier when you do get into such a program.

8. Grow Your Network –

Earning a master’s degree provides you with a great opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks. The new contacts you interact with might lead you to new jobs or be the partner you need to launch the next big thing in tech.

9. Learn Skills You Can Use Elsewhere –

A master’s degree also arms you with skills, technical and otherwise, that you can use elsewhere in the world. Creative thinking is an important skill whose applications are unlimited. Analytical and problem-solving skills are helpful in areas outside programming. Learning how to deal with business leaders and managers when pursuing a master’s with a data science lean could help you in the future when you finally decide to start your own business.

Earning a master’s degree is a great way to grow and advance your career. It is a great way to stand out among other job applicants, and it can open up opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to you. There are lots of other reasons why you should pursue a master’s in computer science, and these should inform where or not you take this next step in your life.

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