Important Qualities To Check Before Hiring iOS Developers

Important Qualities To Check Before Hiring iOS Developers

iOS-13-iPadOSImportant Qualities To Check Before Hiring iOS Developers –

The iOS app market is growing like never before. The rapidly increasing popularity of the market as the robust development platforms for businesses has made it essential to prioritize the hiring of well-qualified and professional iOS developers.

If you wish to streamline your app development project execution and save up time and resources spent on unnecessary research, the best way is to hire qualified iOS developers.

This article covers essential qualities to look for and add to your new hire checklist before you select an efficient iOS developer for your app.

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Let us check what are the important qualities to check before hiring iOS developers –

User Experience Capabilities –

When you hire iOS developers, make sure that the user experience is one of the highest priority items for them. The importance of flawless user experience in driving higher user engagement is immense. The rate of growth of your iOS app is heavily dependent on how accessible the developer makes it for users.

Offering a world-class user experience is one of the USPs of a great mobile app development firm, and the developer you choose should be capable enough to deliver the same.

Knowledge of Design and Testing –

iOS app development is much more than just coding. To build a successful iOS app, the developer requires a lot of other skills. A great deal of creativity is required to design a feature-rich, fully- functional, and interactive app.

When you hire a developer, your hire checklist should include the knowledge of designing along with the utility and testing aspect of the app. Make sure that the iOS developers you shortlist and eventually select should possess all of these skills and qualities.

Portfolio –

This is yet another essential factor to pay attention to before hiring an iOS app developer. Doing a thorough checking of the portfolio allows you to see both the experience and expertise of the prospective candidates and helps you make an informed decision.

To evaluate the overall proficiency and skill level of the developer, you can also try out apps they’ve developed before, along with their functionalities. During the interview, don’t forget to ask for details about their previous project duties and responsibilities to understand more about their working style and other personal tech achievements.

Working Experience with Swift Programming Language –

Swift is the most recent programming language developed by Apple for iOS applications. What makes it different from its previous counterpart Objective-C is a host of improvements to make the iOS apps more powerful, robust, secure, and high performing.

It is, therefore, best to hire a developer who has experience working with the Swift programming language. Additionally, knowing spatial reasoning, design guidelines, networking, and grand central dispatch is an added plus.

Communication and soft skills –

You should hire ios developers with excellent communication skills, professional attitude, and similar cultural backgrounds to ensure the success of your project.

If the developer your hire possesses identical values as that of your firm, the chances of conflicts and management misunderstandings can be avoided to speed up the process of app development.

Likewise, the candidate should also possess specific soft skills such as working in collaboration, open-mindedness to new ideas, pro-activeness, and being respectful to team members to be able to overcome various challenges.

Ability to Learn New Things Quickly –

To navigate the ever-evolving and fiercely competitive app development market, it is ideal to hire passionate iOS professionals. They need to be go-getters, problem-solvers, creative thinkers and should have the potential to learn new technologies quickly.

Hiring an app developer who understands the objective of your company and can work in a fast-paced environment enhances the chances of success of your app to a huge extent.

Qualification Levels –

In any app development team, not all programmers are equal. Typically there are three levels for iOS developers-junior, middle and senior, and it is best to hire them as per your specific project requirements.

  • Junior iOS developer: They are the beginners in app development and generally handle smaller tasks under senior iOS developers’ supervision. The main goal of a junior developer is to learn and grow to become a middle developer by seeking constant feedback on code errors and other technical aspects
  • Middle iOS developer: Middle iOS developers need to have at least five years of work experience in the field. Further, they need to be proficient in programming languages such as Objective-C, Swift, OOD, OOP, major iOS frameworks and libraries along with having a basic knowledge of C++ and Java, and experience with Agile and Scrum.
  • Senior iOS developer:The person should have a minimum of 10 years of experience to be a senior iOS developer and should have an additional understanding of app architecture, unit testing, code review, Git and git-flow, leadership skills, and a vast portfolio of published iOS apps.

UI and UX design experience –

UI and UX are primarily related to the design of a mobile app with slightly varying functions. The developer should have both UI and UX experience to be able to work on the app look and user experience effortlessly.

A professional iOS developer with the ability to effectively execute UI/UX design in the making of a mobile app can create a significant change to its entire look and help drive better user engagement.

Apple’s Xcode IDE –


It is yet another essential skill that the iOS developer should have. Xcode IDE helps to make the app excellent and offers an exceptional user experience.

It is a primary environment required to build apps for various Apple devices such as Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and a good iOS developer need to master this. It also helps a developer to enable different Apple services such as Passbook and Game Changer.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines –

Lastly, it is essential to hire a developer who is well-versed with Apple Human Interface Guidelines that will make your end-to-end iOS app development journey smooth and straightforward.

These guidelines help an iOS app developer to come up with intuitive apps that have superior visuals, maximum impact, and excellent user experience.

Conclusion –

A qualified iOS developer can play an instrumental role in the overall app development process right from planning and development, coding, and integrations to designing a fully-functional, seamless, and scalable user interface.

If you want to hire a successful professional in iOS app development, the qualities mentioned above are a must-have in your hiring checklist.

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