Top iOS 13 Features That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Top iOS 13 Features That You Can’t Afford To Miss



The new set of updates that are released by Apple for its iPhones are full of various useful features. In this article, we will be taking you along and introducing you to the top iOS 13 features that you just can’t afford to miss, especially if you are an iPhone enthusiast.

Apple recently announced the release of the much-awaited iOS 13 update and then almost immediately came up with the release of iOS 13.1, leaving users in the midst of confusion.

Top Features of the iOS 13 Update –

To somewhat provide you with a clear picture, we have listed down the top features that iOS 13 has to offer to its iPhone users.

1. Memoji Avatars on iMessages –

Memoji avatars finally come to Apple’s messages. Yes, that’s right! This particular feature was highly requested by Apple users and now the iMessages provide support for Memoji profiles i.e. users can now put a thumbnail of a Memoji (that’s basically an emoji for the person’s face) in Apple’s messages application.

These new control updates will also allow users to move forward with in-depth customization of a memoji, for instance, there’s an additional option to add braces to a memoji. In addition to this, the iMessages app will now provide support for dual-SIM smartphones as well.

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2. Share Music with two AirPods Simultaneously –

Are you bored of watching a movie on your iPhone all alone with your AirPods synced? Well, not anymore! Now, you can easily share music and even movies with your friends. All thanks to the new iOS 13 update. Users can now connect to the second pair of AirPods and allow their friends to listen to the same song or even better, watching a movie at the same time with two different sets of AirPods.

3. Siri Gets a Voice Update –

Siri, Apple’s famous voice assistant, gets a voice update with iOS 13. Now, there won’t be anymore clipped up voice tones that are often related to AI (Artificial Intelligence) software. The new audio update of Siri sounds more natural as well as smooth for iPhone users. In other words, Siri will now have fewer gaps and inhuman-sounding or robotic voice modulations while communicating.

Apart from that, Siri also works pretty well when connected with Airpods and offers various features, which are mentioned below:

  • Siri will read the message as soon as they arrive on the device, allowing the user to instantly respond to them.
  • Users can create customized shortcuts using the new ‘shortcuts’ application.
  • For now, users can directly hand off a call from their iPhones directly to their HomePod.

4. Find My Phone + Find My Friends = Find My –

Apple decided to combine the ‘Find My iPhone‘ and ‘Find My Friends’ iOS apps into a single application and named it ‘Find My’. Now, if you list any of your Apple devices as lost, then the app will crowd source the location of that particular device by looking for its Bluetooth signal. If the device is found, the app will then send an alert to the respective user.

Apart from that, this new update also provides users with the option to help find lost Apple devices for people they don’t even know.

Looking at these latest iOS 13 updates, many businesses are also revamping their iOS applications to be in complete sync with this update. So in case you are an app owner, our suggestion would be to hire a leading iOS app development company and get your mobile application upgraded as per the desired requirements.

As stated by the tech giant Apple, the primary motive of iOS 13 is to provide an entirely different look to your iPhone and deliver such features that hold the caliber of taking the efficiency to a whole new level.

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