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What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing Strategy 2019 for business?

What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing Strategy 2019 for business?


What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing Strategy 2019 for business?

Content marketing is known as the process of creating and promoting valuable  content that your readers search for in search engines, read on different websites, and readers are also ready to exchange their details to read the more content.

The main purpose of content marketing is to attract user and make him commit any user action like a sale or a purchase. It may be any product review or any services related information. Now a days more and more companies are using content marketing strategy to attract target audience.




What is the best content marketing strategy in 2019 for businesses?

In content marketing strategy, content is king. If the content is good then the users will come to us otherwise they will return back. Genuinity in the content is very important in order to attract a user. With the help of content we should be able to convey the proper knowledge about any product or service to the user.

Check out some of the statistics of content marketing for businesses.

  • 94% of B2B organizations depend on content marketing to create a brand value and generate demand for themselves.
  • 85% of buyers claim that content viewed online has a great influence on the choice of the seller.
  • 45% of consumers check out blogs for information for successful purchase.
  • 65% more potential customers of companies run their own blog.
  • 45% of organizations have reported revenue growth and brand awareness.
  • 47% of organizations that have implemented content marketing programs say their content marketing efforts have been justified as a result of interaction with users and potential buyers.

1) Blogging:


Write fresh content regularly, If you want your users to return back to your site every now and then, so this is the strategy. Regularly try to publish fresh and new content in your blog that will retain your readers attention and that will help bring traffic to your blog.

Even if you have done all the things right, content success depends upon what kind of competition you are competing with, if you have written high quality content than your competitors, then your content will automatically pick attention from the readers and improve your search engine rankings and improve your traffic.Try to provide your subscribers with lot of educational content, this strategy will make you stand out and dominant in your industry. Publishing your blog content regularly and promoting through social networks helps to communicate with your target audience.

Your blog will be more helpful for businesses there is no doubt in that. But again the big question arises, How often your blog content should be updated. Some experts say, everyday blog content must be updated. But according to Hubspot stats companies that have published more than 15 blog posts in a given month have attracted 4 times more traffic than who publish 2 – 4 posts.


2) Infographics:


Infographics consists of long vertically oriented graphic objects, which includes statistical data, graphs, charts, and other information. Infographics are very much effective in the sense that, if it is successfully implemented, it can circulate for years on social networks and be published on websites.Creating an infographic is easy you can make out your ideas all at one place and hire a graphic designer that makes up all your ideas and creativity. After your infographic is ready now you need to promote it among bloggers social networks. This is one of the successful content marketing strategy to follow with.

3) Landing pages or Doorway pages:

Landing pages or Doorway pages are those kind of pages in which a company or business is trying to promote its product or service by providing all its information in a single page which consists of a Call-to-action triggers. Examples are: like a short form asked to be filled by the end user, OR Phone Number will be mentioned OR PDF download option link will be provided.After the landing page is designed as per the requirement we can call it as a campaign and promote it through various mediums like email marketing, social media or press release etc.

4) Podcasts :

Now a days you would have heard some where or the other the word called Podcast. Now the question arises, What is this Podcast, it means we can speak about our product or services in a audio format and place it in a website as a audio link and when users visit the site they can listen to the information. Also we can place the transcript version too in the page so that users can also read the information mentioned in the podcast.

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What are benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing  is one of the important aspect of of online marketing also an effective tool for influencing consumers. Why is there is so much value for content marketing? How does it affect businesses on the Internet? And what kind of results can you expect from working on content marketing strategy?

Lets see what are the actual benefits of content marketing? 

1) Increase Sales:

Whenever any consumer needs to buy a product or take any service he or she will search information about that product or service. If you provide the right information to the consumer by placing related content in your blog, then you will make one step closer to draw consumers attention towards your product or service. After finding the information about product now the consumer will search for positive reviews from other buyers and social network sites, communities or groups etc. We need to mention about our products or service in all these kind of sites.

With the help of proper content marketing strategy you can make your product or service more popular among consumers and thus create a positive buzz and anxiety among consumers towards your product. At this point of time consumer will make a decision to buy your product which ultimately results increase in sales.

2) Generate Leads:

If you are able to consistently provide useful and great content to users they will definitely become your subscribers and eagerly wait for your content or press release. Even you can get users email addresses in exchange of your quality content, users email address you can use via email marketing promotions to send your product updates, through E-books, White Papers etc. At the end we can say that always with the help of quality content you can generate more leads.

3) Company Branding:

If you want to build a standard reputation of your company in front of consumers then, you need to place true information about your company, like when your company was founded, company history, its milestones, achievements etc. If you present this kind of information to the consumers it builds trust and loyalty among them for company. There is always a basic thing which applies before buying something, any person would prefer to buy a product from a known company or well known source. Content Marketing surely helps improve loyalty and company branding in the market among consumers.

4) Increase traffic to website or blog:

If you are providing valuable information to the users they will definitely return to your site or blog and thus you can see the increase in traffic to your site or blog.Content Marketing with the help of social media can generate more inbound links and make your site rank higher in search engines. Now a days more and more companies need to focus on content marketing promotions which ultimately helps to lead generation and sales.

Hope you like this article about content marketing strategy for business in 2019.



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